Will I?

So, today has been weird.

For example, I’m now in possession of an antique wooden door I accidentally bought at auction that I have no idea how to integrate into my house. So, I have a lovely door just sort of hanging out almost meaninglessly in my garage now. It’s not too odd but it’s odd enough. Maybe I can use it in a renovation of our basement someday?

I saw a woman just casually walking around wearing an impeccable early 1800’s outfit. She made no sense given the context. But I suppose historical re-enactors (is that what she was?) have to go grocery shopping after work and don’t have time to change sometimes.

Then, this evening, I ate an entire box of organic cheddar crackers in about a half an hour. That’s highly unusual for me.

…Those are not huge things. But…there’s been many other oddities today too that I’m not in the mood to write about *shrug* and overall today has just felt warped.

Therefore, for the record, here’s a list of things I will and will not do:

1. I will look forward to the emerald my husband will likely buy for the antique/vintage setting I recently bought. The Columbian emerald I already own was too big. (I’ll have to use it in something else) However, I will not pester him about the separate diamond I really want. He’s got plans and thoughts on the matter and I respect him. I’m not actually materialistic despite what this blog and my old Instagram account may (or may not) have led you to believe. I value people’s genuine intentions.

2. I will finish an entire box of cheese crackers again if the mood strikes. They are my favorite snack cracker and have been since childhood. I will not finish a whole bag of popcorn or a whole box of candy. That just makes me feel sick.

3. I will not drink boxed wine. Nope. Sorry if that offends someone out there who’s a fan. I just can’t. But I will on a very rare occasion buy a bottle of Chateau Margaux from the 1920’s.

4. I will cut my own hair (but not color it) but I will not buy extensions for anything. It looks nice on other people but I don’t think it’d be a good idea for me.

5. I will not whiten my teeth but (as I said before) I will have braces again. My teeth look “fine” but they aren’t as straight as I’d like them to be and you only live your life once so *shrug* it seems wise.

6. I will stop collecting things eventually. I will not keep everything I’ve collected (except for a lot of my perfume). I already have plans to find a new home for some things. I’m excited.

7. I will buy (and have) faux pearls and wear them. I will not wear faux nails. Again, I genuinely love them on others but I can’t imagine having fake (or long) nails (especially given my viola I’ve played since childhood).

8. I will plant rose bushes. I will not plant any other new flowers (perennials). I’ve realized that the last owners created bountiful gardens already and I need to subtract and not add.

9. I will lose 20 more lbs to reach my goal weight. I always gain weight during pregnancy and I’ve already lost 20 lbs. However, I will not stop eating more carefully than I used to. I have a suspicion my metabolism is slowing a little and I need to be more mindful. I’ve always eaten healthy but I’ve never worried about portions or the time of day, or etc. Things have changed.


10. I will not let myself buy more than three more luxury bags. And wait- *pleading smile* I’m sure to some of you that sounds absurd. Like, one luxury bag is more than you’d ever buy. But, other people see things differently and if you can it’s sooo easy to overindulge. In fact, many people likely don’t see a problem with owning ten or more luxury bags. Just look at the handbag lovers community. And, if my perfume lovers think about it they may realize that many of them aren’t that different. Most people would never buy more than seven bottles at a time, at most. Anyway…I will, however, buy my three more bags very carefully. At least one of them is rare and the other two must be decided on wisely.

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