This Evening

So tonight has been lovely.

I painted a vintage 1990’s jewelry armoire, I won at auction, white. Then I watched “The Shining Hour” from 1938 and loved it and our neighbors invited my son over to their garden to pick cherry tomatoes. We also were given peppers from the same neighbors. This morning I ate the peppers in a yummy omelet for breakfast.

Seriously though, this will be a random post.

…Caroline Calloway reminds me of my cousin in Seattle who got a perfect score on her SAT, graduated from university with honors and became a Shakespearean actor for years. She’s also a brilliant athlete, extremely well traveled, a very well read person and I used to savor every visit we took together to the opera or ballet and the delicious pub hamburgers we ate before (she was a vegan for years previously). These days my cousin is a sort of doctor of Eastern Medicine, I believe.

But…I dunno. They’re just similar in some distinct mannerisms and in a wonderful but intangible and hard to pinpoint way. It’d be lovely if Calloway also shares my cousin’s genuine goodness.

And that reminds me of Christmas one year in Seattle. My husband and I walked to an upscale grocery store and I bought gourmet macaroni and cheese. They also had a decent wine section… But on the way back I saw a homeless person and gave them the Mac and Cheese. And they seemed pleased. But I felt…woefully inadequate to really help them. Who knows if they even liked Mac and Cheese. Ha! But…they were thankful and kind and maybe they actually did enjoy it. It was warm and you’d have to be lactose intolerant or hate cheese (?) to have not at least kind of liked it? Maybe? I feel like I recall that there was bacon in it too?


Life goes by too quickly.

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