It’s come to my attention through a dear friend that someone in my social circle is saying cruddy things about my family after my last two posts. *rolling eyes*

So, let me reiterate: It’s a compliment to be compared to most people in my family. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Seattle (and the Midwest/Southwest) isn’t Palm Beach, that’s true too. But, it’s still a compliment.

I could explain more (I kind of have in the past/just a day or two ago) but some people reading this would probably explode inside and want to lash out even more. That happened with other people I knew far less and had no great personal connection to. But, like I said yesterday, there are people who want to live in a cushioned bubble where they can dwell comfortably in vast delusions and…I’m not one of them. Sorry if that threatened you… Actually, watch “The Shining Hour” with an honest mind and heart if you’d like to realize that certain things, institutions and types of people exist beyond where TVs or film screens usually go. *rolling eyes*

…Actually though…insecure people are everywhere too. And insecure people tend to have problems with honesty if it makes them feel more insecure and therefore makes life harder to suffer through, I suppose. I have empathy for them because life is hard for everyone. But it’s beyond obnoxious to deal with at times. And insecure people rarely let you defend yourself without crying foul. They attack but they don’t want to hear a defense.

Someday I hope I look back and recall the people who cared about me more than those who were too greedy to allow for any form of life other than what they could control or manipulate. And…I hope someday we also look back and have moved beyond the ugly state we’re in in the world today.

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