Greed And Indoctrination

One of my uncles (on my father’s side) owns a large business that employs lots of people. But, he doesn’t like unions. He also pays well and I’ve always known him to be an honest, intelligent and considerate man. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t run his company with genuine integrity and he’s been interviewed and his business discussed in business journals for his leadership and innovations. He’s a very smart person.

But, for a while he was targeted viciously by a man who works for a local union. Things got out of control. However, my uncle stayed-the-course and refused to be bullied or controlled by force.

…Not all “liberal”, “progressive”…stuff…is completely truthful or good. (unionization is depressingly tricky for both sides) Honestly, too many people are manipulative and can be manipulated. …So, really, I don’t think it’s wise to trust any one point of view to have all of the answers or most objective truths.

Still, if you read the thoughts of many “cool” (is woke still in as a word?) people under the age of…70 (?) most of what you read is obsessively progressive. And, frankly, many of them seem to have unfortunately and strangely absorbed the negativity they claim to be against. Like those people in horror films who are overtaken by the very demons they “don’t believe in” and then start losing their minds… (Yes, I’m thinking about “The Shining” still.)

Part of me wonders if any of the hateful and emotionally violent women who “hate the patriarchy” (Not everyone who espouses such a viewpoint is hateful of course!) realize that their intellectual shallowness, dishonesty and conceit are no less wrong than that of a man? Actually it’s funny. They maliciously rail against the “stupidity” of other women who they secretly envy and admire (or some men) but who don’t bow to their ego in one way or another and then, after being abusive, still seem to think (at least subconsciously) that they’re “innocent”. They’re resting on the premise that women are allowed to be jerks because of…well…our “weakness”? (Irony) …So they can be “cranky” to other people and it should be excused because of…hormones? “Their time of the month”? Or? What? They have “little minds” and “big emotions”? Being level-headed and mature isn’t “cool” though… I guess?

It’s all such bullshit (please forgive my language).

And again, we wonder why Trump will probably be re-elected. Because, just to warn you, he likely will be… And I’m saying that as someone who’s rather sad and detached about the state of things, at present.

…Actually, that uncle dated Josh Duhamel’s mother for a while before they decided to be just friends (yes Fergie’s Josh) …and then he fell in love with his secretary (who’s not young by the way, and that’s lovely). His first wife died of cancer. And I miss her.

Anyway, like many shrewd business folks he’s very on the fence right now about Trump… But, as he said to my father, “I have to think about the future. I have to have hope. I’m trying to grow my business. I can’t think that the world will just end next week…” (I’m slightly paraphrasing his words.)

And then I wonder if these women who think that “the patriarchy” is the problem (based on what their most persuasive professors told them)…would continue to think it was as much of an issue if my uncle was their father. If they met someone young who is like him and then they dated and became serious? Lived together? …He’s a kind and handsome man.

While the vacations for months and the estate with stables and the private plane rides or truly luxury automobile took over their life and schedule…would they still…feel so “woke”? …I doubt it. Sorry. Some maybe. But not most. These are normal humans we’re talking about not saints or angels. Or idiots necessarily, for that matter, either.

No, I think we can all fall into our own Overlook Hotel. A place where toxic groupthink and our flaws circumvent our sanity or we realize we didn’t know what or who we were as well as we had arrogantly assumed. Perspective changes things and you have to be honest with yourself all the time to be truly good…

But again, I hope we find our middle path in this country.

By the way, my analogy of the river as American politics from posts ago was inspired by a brilliant book called, River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey by Candace Milliard. I read it years ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. Where’s a good Roosevelt when you need one? Right?

…And so my random thoughts for a Thursday conclude. Thank you for reading.

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