Alligator Handbags

About two years ago I purchased this late 1960’s (genuine) alligator handbag from an estate sale. Working as an antique dealer occasionally allows me to find fashionable little treasures.

The receipt inside is what really caught my attention though, when I examined it. Given inflation this handbag would now be priced at around $650. (new at the rate from 1967.) I paid $15. *huge smile*

And yes, I love to calculate inflation. You can do it here too if you’re intrigued. Economics is really genuinely fascinating stuff. It’s like looking at the engine(s) of our civilizations.

Anyway, do you ever wonder what experiences you missed (like majoring in economics)? I do.

When I was 14 I had a huge crush on a teenage boy I’d met through my aunt one summer. He was so handsome. His parents owned about many acres on the side of a mountain in Montana. They lived in a beautiful old stone house from the 1800’s and he and his sister went to a private prep school in Connecticut in the winter. Not Loomis Chaffee where my husband would have gone if his mother hadn’t decided against it (because she wanted her son at home as a teenager). But another one (Choate?)…

They would ride home on the train with Tom Brokaw from Connecticut as he was a neighbor of theirs in the mountains. When I heard the news about Mr. Brokaw with the “Me Too” Movement I was saddened as my image of him was as a kindly older man who cared about his neighbor’s kids enough to go out of his way to be kind, keep them safe and ride home with them.

My aunt was very close friends with this young man’s mother. Very close. I have to assume they still are close…

But…boy did I have a crush on him. Somehow, I knew nothing would ever come of it because it seemed too good to be true and life rarely is that truly charmed. But I wish I’d been less of a hopeless romantic at that age and tried more to introduce myself to him anyway. I was more overwhelmed and smitten by his good-looks than anything else, I think. Thankfully when I met my husband I was wise enough not to expect him to be so deep as to take my sweet and coy glances as an invitation to talk and I just…talked to him. Imagine that.

But I was shy as a teenager. Very shy.

People said I was beautiful. But, I was also dorky. My favorite class was orchestra (I play a viola). I loved classical music, had for years already and still do. I was passionate about it. But, I really was decidedly not cool… Ha! I knew that and it held me back from flirting. I think I thought if such a handsome young man was ever going to notice me it’d be against the odds. Ha. I was not a popular, buff 15 year old’s ideal girlfriend at that age. *laughing* Here’s evidence:

(I still love fishing. …And I wore pearls, foundation and blush. Look at those brows! Ha!)

I never do photograph well though.

Anyway, tonight I’m going to investigate that handbag. I’m not going to miss the simple little opportunity now to track down this old store’s location and look around the area. You have seize moments even if you think it’s insignificant and others like it will come along. There were many cute boys (with a rugby physique). There are lots of fascinating vintage or antique items with a past, but…you have to fully engage with what’s in front of you.

More later.

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