I started searching for the perfect handbag a few years ago. Growing up I never was that fascinated by them… Although, in the suburb I grew up in luxury handbags were ubiquitous. And I saw relatives wear them. It’s not as if I had never seen them before.

And now, as I’ve written too often, after acquiring three used bags I still haven’t found my true “it bag” other than my beloved Noé. I have considered buying an unusual vintage one…but I worry it would wear out too quickly. Vintage clothing and accessories are inherently somewhat fragile. So, I’ll cherish the alligator bag from earlier but it’s not my “it bag” despite the fact that I love it.

There are some bags I’d never buy and others I’m confused about. Despite how chic some friends and previous friends and influencers make Goyard look, with their innate charm when they carry it, I can’t see myself ever buying one. Something about the pattern and texture of Goyard seems more suited to a luxury trunk than a bag in my estimation (like the one Wallis Simpson used). People could say the same about canvas Louis Vuitton, but I love the vachetta and the overall colors of the monogram bags. …Although, as far as Goyard goes, I knew a man once who carried the clutch very well. It really worked for him.

I’ll find my bag. I really will…

We went to the site of Jaffee’s tonight. It’s a glass skyscraper now with nice lighting. I’ve been inside the building at a bar with my husband once years ago, so I didn’t feel the need to go inside.

Here’s a photo of my husband and I on a date back then (my teeth are less straight now *rolling eyes*):

I’ll be changing the feeling of this blog a bit. I realized how much I truly long to talk about certain things based on my last post. So, my next few posts will be about books! The two below are what I’m reading now, although a cousin just published his first novel (!) so I should add that to my list too…

I love history so these will be my starters (my second signature Orangers En Fleurs is in the background):

This is such a good history of WWII in general. It gives genuine insights into the mindset of the Nazis and that’s something that feels so relevant these days, unfortunately. If you’re going to compare people to Nazis this is worth reading. Ha!

And I love Lillian Hellman.

I don’t think I’ll post again until I’ve finished these and can properly review them. See you then!

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