Green And Gold

The center emerald is mine from before (a natural Columbian emerald) and the other two are natural aa to aaa (the one on the left is aaa) emeralds like my original stone. My husband chose the one on the left yesterday at our jeweler (as pictured). They’re all around a half a carat or so.

When I recently bought the white gold (10k) Art Deco antique/vintage setting I had the center emerald in mind. I’ve had it for years (since 2011) and I’ve been looking for just the right setting for years, but alas…the emerald is a tiny bit too big (to set it safely). *rolling eyes* Can you see the slight difference in size between the center stone and the two on the sides?

Actually though, if you look closely enough I think you can notice that the two on the sides are a bluer green too. The center was mined in Columbia and I’ve read that Columbian emeralds tend to be warmer and more truly verdant in color as opposed to Zambian natural emeralds (and I suspect these other two natural stones are from Zambia, although they could be Columbian as my husband forgot to ask for where they were mined from yesterday, likely assuming our jeweler would just find Columbian stones). I love the look of Columbian emeralds… BUT…last night I did look back at my original post about the ring and I realized that a bluer emerald might look better with the white gold of the setting.

*sigh and shrug*

The irony is that I had no intent to create a ring entirely from scratch when I bought that setting. *shrug* Truly. I just saw the setting while I was looking for antiques at an auction and…well…oh well. I feel bad. But I have an emerald ring I’ll wear with some regularity until my husband creates the diamond ring inspired by my grandmother’s ring because my other rings aren’t as appropriate for daytime casual use on my left ring finger (that ring was originally going to be a sapphire of course but it’s evolved).

Gosh, I love gemstones.

Here’s my finished jewelry armoire with one of my silver plated tea and coffee sets. This set seems circa 1930’s in my estimation…

Anyway, here are some numbers with a few hints.

The original loose Columbian emerald I bought in 2011 was purchased for about $150.00. (Yeah. That’s basically nothing for a natural emerald that isn’t that opaque.) Since I bought it myself and not through a jeweler I got a great price. It’s worth around $1,000.00 (or a little more). Lovely! Right?

The 10k white gold setting was purchased for a mere pittance at auction (less than $100.!), BUT if I had made a setting fitted for the Columbian emerald it would have cost thousands. That’s the catch. I have to find that rare loose setting that will fit the Columbian emerald to truly save any money. But, it’s an adventure. It’s a hobby. Right? And the emerald my husband chose yesterday was only around a thousand (singular) so combined with the setting it’s still a very good price for a truly unique piece that’s partially vintage/antique in origin but totally in the aesthetic sense, and that’s worth a thousand or two more (or more?) than what we actually paid for it when finished. Very good! It always pays to put in a little effort with certain things (and have fun).

*happy face*

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