I was taught, as most Christians are, that astrology is evil. That being said, I’ve had my chart done twice by professionals. Both times I’ve been told I was a Scorpio given my birth location and actual time of birth (ascendant Libra). And I’ve always felt like a Scorpio (except for loathing non-sports related competition and non-romantic jealousy, and disliking being the one “in charge” in a romantic relationship). God will have to perhaps explain to me how it all works someday if it’s wrong, I suppose.

My Myers-Briggs type is INFJ/INTJ. I’m a mix of both. I’m publicly more INTJ though.

It’s funny though. More than once I’ve been met with disbelief when I’ve shared the information above. For example, people are often floored that I’m a Scorpio. “Are you a Leo?” they ask confidently? I shake my head no. “A Taurus?” I shake my head no. They look confused. “A Cancer?” they ask with decision. No. “You’re a Sagittarius.” most people say after hearing my birthday (not knowing the particulars). Maybe it’s a load of rubbish after all.

But, regardless, my birth stone is orange. I’ve been snowed out by blizzards or sick on more than one birthday. And people often read too much or the wrong thing into what I’m saying or doing and don’t realize my actual meaning or tone. *sigh*

If I could pick a birthstone I’d want it to be emerald, actually. I think it suits me. Orange looks good on me as a clothing item but that’s as far as I take it (except for coral lipstick). Leo has a lovely sound to it. And I think it’d be fun to be born in June.

I’ll stay with INTJ/INFJ though…

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