One spring, years ago, Mark and I took a quick vacation for about five days or so to the Bahamas. It was gorgeous.

We stayed at a very old house (from the 1800’s) that has been converted into a bed and breakfast on Harbour Island. The owner of the place had been an excellent chef in the US but had decided to retire to the Bahamas and start a bed and breakfast. Everything about the place was lovely.

Our room with my husband’s sandals and college hat (Union College in NY).

One night I ran back from an exquisite little restaurant (the restaurant at Coral Sands) on the island to the bed and breakfast alone under the bold moon with the sounds of the island around me. That felt safe then for whatever reason, and very sadly, I would never do that right now.

A light rain and breezes started as I almost reached the bed and breakfast and thankfully I made it inside just in time. Mark returned a few minutes later.

Getting ready for dinner in a navy blue American Apparel Dress. Remember that store from years ago? Oh, and the bed and breakfast (The Bahama House Inn now just The Bahama House) has since been sold and remodeled into a full hotel. I’ve seen photos of it now, and I love that the the new owners are taking care of it seemingly well, but I liked it before. The owner was such a sage man too. He could read people. *sigh*

That night, the night I ran across the island, we decided to get married, although my husband didn’t propose. Still, sitting in the living room of that old 1800’s house alone and then alone with with Mark, on a dark tropical night, felt like a push towards commitment for both of us.

But oh, the food. The seafood was extraordinary! The light pink beaches! The bright flowers… The colors! …And, all those golf carts and chickens. Everywhere.

I could cry just thinking about the horrible conditions they’re facing right now with Dorian. And I know it’s selfish but I’m most worried about the area where we stayed. That excruciatingly beautiful place. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to go there when I did.


I’ll be praying for everyone affected.

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