Ode To Hermès?

I’ve been thinking a lot about planning our finances, style and what’s important to me in terms of “good taste”. What I’ve realized is that, most of all, I don’t want to waste anything. I look back at all the mistakes I’ve made and the ones that are most annoying to me are the ones where I’ve wasted something. On an environmental level it’s extremely important but on a personal level it is too, of course.

So, I’ve decided not to spend thousands of dollars on anything other than a Kelly. Yup. I’ve come back to where I started from.

See, it’s very easy for me to want a Givenchy or a Gucci. I love those houses. Dearly. But…as much as I regret wearing a bag that feels eternally like a supernatural style-loan, I’m afraid I’ve got to do it. It’s my absolute favorite.

Today I looked at nettiweber (Annette Weber) wearing this chic look and I realized that no matter what’s en Vogue, a classic Hermès bag works. It’s just that perfect:

The Birkin? Oh yes… So many people see that as the ultimate handbag. It’s a bit more expensive and in some ways it would seem less associated with its namesake, if at least partly because Jane Birkin doesn’t necessarily want to be associated with it? Yet, I just don’t like it as much.

Too bourgeois? Ok. The Hermès bags are very popular with the upper-middle class and those in the middle-middle who want to appear at least just a bit wealthier than they are (not because they truly love it). And that is…annoying. However, it doesn’t make the bag less gorgeous. It is just that great… Of course, that does make it harder to buy. Hermès hates that it’s the bag of choice for the “aspirational” or at least it wants us to think that it hates it. They’ve made things so that you have to deal with lots of potential nonsense from the store or buy it used.


I’ll just buy used. I refuse to bother with the nonsense.

Black or brown? I don’t know. Maybe brown? Or beige. Something neutral and timeless.

…More later.

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