Sad People

My friend Laura found out something creepy yesterday. Apparently Ardeth’s parents filed for bankruptcy this summer. (Remember these people?) Their farm wasn’t making enough money to survive. But instead of keeping this information private Ardeth decided to share it in a public email with everyone in her former cooking class, her yoga class, her small church group, and seemingly all of her friends and family. At least, that’s what the email indicated.

So, what did the email say? Well, it asked for money to give to her parents. She said that she was going to give what she could but she really, “…needed everyone to prove their goodness.” along with something to do with how she feels like everyone is a bad person nowadays due to Donald Trump and how much it depresses her. Then she went off about how she’s been “fat shamed” by many people over the last few months too, specifically mentioning her cooking class. And she said that she’d like money and an apology from her cooking class “friends”, especially from people who, “…she knows have more money than God.”


Laura assures me that nobody was “fat shaming” her.

And this…this is why I’m a conservative now.

No, when I was in college one of my political science courses covered the varying philosophies of the “Founding Fathers” and we discussed the influence of Thomas Hobbes and his famous quotation about life being, “nasty, brutish and short.”. My (gifted) professor smiled coyly. Everyone in the class laughed. We all thought it was silly. Or, at least…everyone pretended to. …Life seemed so bright and cheerful and hopeful and everyone seemed more good than bad. There was so much…hope. I thought Hobbes was a sad but brilliant man who was never loved properly. He read as a deeply bitter and aging person.


No, dear Hobbes was at least partly right. Life really is that harsh. And people really are too often profoundly stupid, cheap, evil and pathetic. It’s rare to find good people who actually try to do the right thing regularly. And often those people, as Hemingway wrote, are the broken ones. Life is just like that. And then it’s over. *snap*

That doesn’t mean life isn’t worth it… That doesn’t mean love isn’t real. It just means that you can’t really assume things. Hardly ever… It just means that you have to savor any real happiness you have and work hard and dream big and never give-up. It just means that you can’t often trust that people will be kind or honest but you have to expect them to be. It means that you have to genuinely know who you are and not trust that others will respect that truth even if they know what it is. They might not like you enough or you might just not be useful enough to them. You might not stroke their ego enough…

People are too often self-obsessed. People are often fake. They can sometimes lie and project their own failings and insecurities onto others. People too often make themselves meaningless to anyone but God… At least, they’re like that nowadays. …And you have to let go and hope for the best for them. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t convince people that you’re good. In fact, you can’t convince people of almost anything. People mostly want to figure things out for themselves.

And so…dear Ardeth… Do her parents even have a farm? Or were they just renting land? My uncle used to rent out some of the land he owned (owns) years ago… Ardeth makes it seem like they just couldn’t sustain an old family farm they owned. But I wonder…

I’ve learned the hard way that when you’re minding your own business too often emotional leeches come along and want to suck you dry using half-truths. Laura, sweet and quiet, is her target.

At least, people are like that nowadays.

Of course, Laura, being smarter than me in some ways, is just ignoring Ardeth’s “family relief request” from her “friends who owe her”. And you know what, the funny thing is that Laura suspects the real reason Ardeth is asking for money is because her husband and her need it (or want it). Not her parents. I mean, does Ardeth even have parents? *shrug* And that’s sad… Who knows. But goodness, I hope this is the last I write of her for everyone’s sake (including her own).

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