A diamond? Nope. A sapphire.

Honestly, why do I even try to evolve from my original ideas? I just find myself back where I started.

Yesterday I had an appointment at my dentist and the hygienist asked about my grandmother’s ring. I’ve been wearing it since about October of last year, at least, because of the pregnancy and then because I needed to lose weight. My other, more official, ring was too tight. Now I need to lose about five lbs to be where I was when I got pregnant but fifteen to be at my ideal. And, I’m working at it.

But anyway, after explaining why I’m wearing my grandmother’s ring to her she commented on how pretty it was. She seemed taken by it from the start though…

My husband wants to put a sapphire in the ring we’re making replicating my grandmother’s ring. The original is a blue bit of glass that looks like a stunning sapphire (as pictured above), and it does suit the setting extremely well. After yesterday, I’m thinking I want a real sapphire in the replica too…

…Oh well. I’ll buy my diamond stud earrings eventually and that’ll hopefully satiate my desire for that unique sparkle. *sigh* I do have diamonds in my other vintage 1920’s/30’s ring. And little accents in another (the green amethyst). And, I do have a diamond cluster necklace (in white 24k gold). But, there’s nothing like a clear, bright, natural diamond that’s over a carat. Should I buy 2 tcw diamond studs? …I feel like that’s…too big for a pair of diamond studs.

Years and years ago my ideal was a 2 1/2 ct. emerald cut diamond solitaire in platinum. Preferably from Tiffany’s. But the allure of Art Deco originals rivals any affection I’ve had for Tiffany’s or emerald cut diamonds (albeit an Art Deco cut).

These are the sort of things I like to ponder.

My husband at 29. Me at 28. I loved our hotel and our room.

Of course, these are photos from our vacation to London to buy a diamond. We did…but diamond is now in Seattle somewhere where I threw it…during our worst Valentine’s Day ever in 2015. But, we’ll go back to London…maybe with a sapphire.

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