I never had a problem with my weight, growing-up, thankfully. Very thankfully. But, I’ve known many people who have struggled their whole lives and I empathize with them.

In high school I wore about a size 8 (US). That was my true heaviest time. Then, after high school, I started losing weight. In college I went down to a size 4 eventually. After college I went down to a size 00. Yes. 00. *silence*

Me in Cornwall at my slimmest size, wearing black…

Also me then (at Blenheim Palace).

You see, I have a thyroid issue that wasn’t diagnosed until after I gave birth to our (healthy) first child. I don’t think it affected the pregnancy but afterwards I couldn’t lose weight, and even though I was often tired before then, at that point, I was almost incapable of functioning adequately at all. I was incredibly tired. And I had a newborn.

Since then (after receiving thyroid treatment) my average size has been about a 6. Although, right now I’m about a size 10. I’m losing those pounds though! I hope to drop to a size 4 by January. And, I will. Healthily!

As someone with a small frame every pound counts a little extra. But, I’ll never drop to even a 0 again willingly. I have clothes from that time I’d love to use but…*shrug* being below your BMI isn’t really better than being above it, I don’t think.

…I’d love to be one of those ladies who is a size 8 to 12 in a stylish way. Like, that’s their real “normal”. But, I’m not. *shrug* I look best around a size 2 to 4. And, I feel better at that size too.

What about you? Do you have an ideal weight? As in, a weight where you’re truly healthy and yet also happy? Are you working toward that goal or just playing it cool?

Random thoughts for the weekend…

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