Emperor Flower

South Korean Prouna is lovely fine bone china. I recently bought this jewelry box in Emperor Flower from Saks (one of the shops it’s sold in in the US) for my rings and watches. I always take those pieces off when I get home so I thought it was time to invest in a proper home for them. Putting them in a jewelry box with my other pieces never works. I always absentmindedly take them off on a table or counter someplace somewhere and it’s not wise. I’ve actually (genuinely as opposed to tossing) lost jewelry this way, unfortunately.

I love this pretty box. I love this pretty pattern.

Now the question is: Do I like Prouna more than Royal Copenhagen? Do I want a whole set of Emperor Flower?

I love my one piece of Royal Copenhagen (from the 60’s). A lot.

But, there’s something very lovely about Prouna. And it’s fresh and new (relatively speaking). I rarely go for “fresh and new” but this might be an exception. Truly. I might buy a set for tea or breakfast of Royal Copenhagen but my main “nice set of china” might now become Prouna (Wedgwood Edme not considered as I use that for both casual/formal settings.) I don’t know, but I love it….

Prouna Emperor Flower (fine bone china with 24K gold detail) can be purchased here (where they have the boxes) and here .

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