Lalique Soleil

I’m going to be posting lots of reviews. I thought I’d start with Prouna. Now, I’ll move on to this…


When Chanel Gabrielle debuted in 2017 most people thought it was boring and trite. Very disappointing. I actually disagreed, but either way, now it seems like all these new releases remind me of it… And I wonder. What does that mean?

So yes, Soleil (Lalique 2019) reminds me of (the original) Gabrielle. A lot. Except it’s more seductive and syrupy and it doesn’t suit my skin chemistry as well as Gabrielle. Still, it’s nice.

Created by noses Alexandra Monet, Barbara Zoebelein and Benoist Lapouza the notes are: Mandarin, bitter almond, jasmine, pink praline, and coffee with milk. Its drydown is admittedly the most lovely part. The opening is what really doesn’t work with my chemistry. In the drydown it’s a clean, uplifting fragrance in a pretty sort of way (the bottle looks like it’s pretty too).

Will I buy it? No. Absolutely not. Was it intriguing to sample? Yes. *smile*

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