Neiman’s Part I.

So, I ordered my now regular (again) Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Pai Daytime Moisturizer from Neiman Marcus to participate in their recent beauty event. They sent tons of free samples and a cosmetic bag and beach tote. I won’t show the bags (although they’re not bad actually). However, I must do the reviews! *grin*

Umm… R+Co Gemstone Shampoo and Conditioner is incredibly “meh”. *sigh* It’s a drying line, ironically, and harsh relatively speaking (given their supposedly quality ingredients). There’s a strong fragrance to it too and it’s not a luxurious one. Rather, it’s the sort of fragrance you find at fairly upscale hotels that aren’t quite truly luxury hotels but are really trying to be (like some Hiltons or Sheratons here in the US). Do you know what I mean?? …It’s usually that the hotel tries to seem posh by using some huge company to make hotel labeled beauty products but they go overdo the fragrance in the products and they unfortunately just smell cheap and unpleasant despite the fact that there’s not actually an offensive smell. Anyway, that’s what these products smell like. Overdone.

After I used these my hair looked ok, I guess. I mean it was a bit drier and I’d never purchase them in a million years but they worked to clean and moisturize my hair as a shampoo and conditioner should. I had to use all of them though (at once) because as harsh as they were they weren’t concentrated. But all is well with my hair because now I know…

Oh pthalates… I wish they weren’t a problem. *sigh* I tolerate them in some contemporary fragrances because you have to if you’re going to enjoy perfume but I don’t use most scented products otherwise in order to avoid them.

That being said, this is a really lovely product. The amount of scent produced by this little stick is amazing. I placed it in the formal dining room of our house and most of that floor was filled with this fragrance within in an hour. And, not overly so. No, the Nest Scentstick is powerful but not overpowering. It’s perfect.

Sparkling Cassis is nice. It’s particularly nice in our September weather here. It feels somewhat autumnal but not too obviously so. So again, if only… Nest Scentstick is exactly the kind of fragrance product I’d love to use: discreet, elegant, lovely and yet genuinely noticeable. *shrug*

And speaking of healthy living…

I’m definitely one to take vitamins. My mother has been deeply involved in such things since the 1970’s and so I grew up eating very carefully and taking vitamins. Now I’m like that too as an adult. So, I’m not one to dismiss the benefits of supplements.

Still, I’m not at all sold on this product by 8 Greens. It’s easy enough to drink the filmy, somewhat fruity tasting beverage created by putting this tablet in an 8 oz glass of water. It didn’t taste great but it was ok. But, fresh greens are best. Right!? It’s hard to think that tablets laying around for weeks, months, etc. can truly replace beautiful raw greens. *shrug*

Anyway, I’ll review everything else from the event later. Many of the products will take time to investigate so part two might not be for weeks or a month. But, here’s my start. *thumbs up* Have you tried any of these? Anyway… Until later! *smile*

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