Found It! Figured It Out!

…I’ve got a plan.

I realized that an antique or vintage sterling silver teapot is what I need. As in, “true silver”. Sterling silver.

Of course, that’ll cost more. So much more that I either will have to wait way too long to buy it to even begin to look forward to using it currently or I’ll have to adjust a few things here and there. *smile* Luckily, I’ve been getting frustrated again with the Hermès-Kelly-bag-as-my-signature plan. …It’s a weird thing to some people maybe (and not to others), but I just can’t think of a bag literally named after someone else as appropriate for a signature handbag. And this time around I’m going to take a completely different exit and see if a vintage alligator handbag should be my signature. Yes. A bag that’s truly unique. And one that’s stylistically everything I want but without the instant audience that follows around an Hermès. I’ll buy my Alma and Kelly down the road just because I love them but this will be my signature? … Done?! (I really hope I don’t change my mind.)

AND…I might buy a new Burberry trench. …Sterling silver teapot. Burberry trench. Alligator handbag. Heck, I might even use the bag I already have as my signature, although I think I can find one I like more.


(Via Etsy)

(Via Saks)

Also, after this month that I’ll dedicate to Fitzgerald because it was the month of his birth (and he was beyond fantastic)…I’m going to literally read/reread everything I can find written by Henry James. You can join me if you like. I’m excited.

Here’s a basic game plan of books to start with:

-The Short Stories of Henry James

-The Portrait of a Lady

-The Bostonians

-Washington Square

-The Ambassadors

-The American

-The Real Thing

-The Europeans

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