When you have to choose between two great options you learn a lot about who you really are. Or you realize there must be something even better?

For example on a truly skin-deep level (pun intended): There are tons of great beauty products out there but skin does best with some consistency (from my experience) and certain ingredients work that much better for certain people. But, beyond in general (beyond skin care obviously), we all have to genuinely decide on one good thing over another eventually for a plethora of small and big matters and the nuances of the final decision usually speaks to our deeper selves. Or we find the ultimate best… …But, I mean, that’s how a lot of those personality tests on Buzzfeed work. Right? It’s also what our “signature” pieces are about. They’re an outward display of our inner selves.

The combination of all of what we love also matters. You can appreciate many popular things but only your soul has the exact set of loves. We’re all impossibly unique.

My main (and true) signature fragrance has been for years and always will be very vintage Chanel No. 22 parfum (unusual nowadays). But I also consider Houbigant Orangers En Fleurs a sort of secondary signature fragrance (more popular). My favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald (has been for years and he’s very popular of course; I’m also even more fascinated by his personage). But, I’ve also realized in recent years that I’m haunted by the work of Henry James (somewhat less popular).

If you know me well you know that I make a signature roasted whole chicken dish but I’m also known for my soups and stews, specifically beef, wild rice, mushroom and potato leek (common enough)… I think most people who know me would also recognize my particular shade of natural dark blond hair and brown eyes (fairly uncommon relatively speaking).

Anyway! There are other things less certain of about my outward expressions of my true inner self…

There are lots of people who like Louis Vuitton monogram, some people who genuinely adore it and others who go beyond and become associated with their LV bags. I just like it. And, it’s versatile. I have two used pieces. I wouldn’t call it my signature… *sigh* I’m still trying to figure that fashion puzzle out…

And, actually, that’s the trouble – those unidentifiable facets. Right now I’m deciding between an Italian Blue teapot (and accessories) by Spode and the Emperor Blue teapot by Prouna. I love them both in different ways… But, actually, neither are truly “me”.

What’s the style equivalent of the durable (and often popular) charm and poignant whimsy of Fitzgerald’s work and the bittersweet beauty Henry James’? And no, I’m not trying to give myself a compliment. …Who makes that teapot? *laugh* Wedgewood Edme doesn’t count.

Is the Kelly bag Henry James enough? Fitzgerald enough? No. It’s not. But I love it. A lot. Doesn’t work, does it. *sigh and shrug* Actually very vintage Chanel No. 22 parfum comes extremely close, in olfactory form, to combining the parts of me that love the work of those two writers…

We all have a need to be known. We all have a need to express ourselves and find acceptance and genuine agape love for the being God (our best selves are from Him in my opinion) truly made us. We all have flaws. But we all have that part of us that’s really lovely too… Really who we are in God’s eyes. It’s fun to find ways to express that self. It’s also healthy.

Now to try once again… Or to give up and just choose…Spode? No! Emperor Blue. …Mmm. No. Italian Blue is too pretty not to pick. Or? Well…

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