Just This…

One of the most insightful pieces written about life at the moment (and about a fascinating figure of the 21st Century) I’ve read in a long time…is right here . My only complaint is that Flanagan might fail to realize how difficult a proper response to the obsessive, sometimes violent and self-righteous “toads” is… They are almost impossible to reason with. I’ve tried. For years. Everything positive one says goes over their heads almost entirely or they twist it away from its original intent and towards something pathetic or sinister (on purpose for some stubborn reason?). They also tend to read negativity or outright evil into situations that exists only in their imaginations (as she sort of writes about) and that further fuels their hatred… Ignore them entirely? That makes them angry too and more determined to play “the long game”… *shrug* What would she suggest? I genuinely wish I knew. It’s beyond exhausting to put up with (and part of why my public account no longer exists).

Anyway. Happy Friday, lovelies.

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