The President

Next week my father will be at an event where President Trump is giving a speech. One of my father’s oldest and closest friends is very politically connected and he (probably rather easily) has free tickets. I’m excited for my father to attend.

But, I also feel…angry.

Part of me really wants to respect the fact that my father and his buddies care about our world and country so much (and political rallies are honestly a blast), while also rejecting Trump as the true leader of our country. It’s drilled into our minds every day by the media to totally abhor him and his administration and if there’s anything completely truthful about their stories there are some very legitimate reasons to despise him as a leader or even condemn him personally. But, the thing is, part of me also respects President Donald Trump (Sr.). …There…I said it. I feel very conflicted about him as a President.

You know what’s funny though? People often talk about how he’s racist and I won’t truly discuss that because it’s way too complex a topic for just this post, but…I have it on good authority that he actually is somewhat popular in some minority communities. *shrug* Maybe he’s not openly popular but, according to someone who knows, he actually is secretly admired by more minorities than is reported by most media sources. He won for a reason.

You know who really hates him (the most), ironically? Upper-middle class and middle class (American) white people. Their hatred is real.

…Actually though, I also feel conflicted about my culture in general right now. It’s meaningless drivel at best, in my opinion, to go on about things while resting (to exhaustion) on the premise that Western Civilization is basically entirely evil and that that’s the only honorable thing to presume. It’s also way beyond dishonest and patronizing. It’s actually kind of…racist.

The thing is…no one culture is truly good and no one culture is pure evil. People aren’t generally that simple on an individual level, thank goodness. In a group people are also profoundly complex. Right?

It’s sick and “gross” (that is such a popular word right now to describe something pejoratively and it’s getting annoying to see everywhere but I had to use it once too) to think that we’re doing anyone a favor by making things white = evil (more evil than other races I guess). Or even privilege = evil (the scum rises to the top?). *rolling eyes* Again, we’re all just human.

Black can be evil too. (Yes!! Oh my word! I did really just write that!!!) And did you know that Hispanics are human enough (and smart enough) to be bad sometimes too. Ha! So are Asians. We can all be evil. It’s not just a white thing to be so darn bad (picture the very white James Bond as a villain) that it’s…almost good? *rolling eyes* We’re both giving ourselves way too much credit and not enough, in some ways, as white folks these days. We are unique (every race is) and we have committed some real atrocities (not to disappoint those who seem to get an adrenaline rush from “learning” more about our evil-superhero mystique) but…we’re not that unique.

So…there are good and bad people everywhere. There are good and bad people who are privileged. There are good and bad people who are not currently as privileged. It’s actually sort of…dull…in a lovely way? Maybe? Hmm? Also, it minimizes really heinous acts of racism and classism that actually exist to over-label every damn thing as “privilege” of some sort. It makes the truth of evil too “of the moment” and therefore vulnerable to the next social trend.

…But we all want drama right now, it seems. More than truth and self-respect or quiet and depth we want something fascinating to watch. And, I do know one thing, my father will see a very entertaining President next week. He’s not dull. *laughing*

Or wait! No… He’s not. He is dull? And too skinny? Or wait no… He’s beautiful. Or? He’s an orange, fat madman. He’s a facist but not…like…he’s too populist but also too socialist… Or wait!! No. He’s a capitalist! Or wait no… He’s just gross. Soo gross. So lacking in self-awareness. Such a gross example of white privilege and lack of self-awareness.

(I’ve *literally* heard all of these things about him lately. …Of course, it was very 2017/18 of me to say what I just said but also still a real sentence and what I meant to say.)

*rolling eyes*

Poor Bernie. Poor Joe… Poor Elizabeth.

*Staring into the wildly overwhelming future*

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