Currently I have over 500 bottles (mainly vintage and some antique) in my perfume collection. I started with about nine bottles back in 2014: Dior Miss Dior Chérie, Chloé Narcisse, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Bouquet Numero 2, vintage Echt Kölnischwasser No. 4712, Clinique Happy, Chanel Coco Mlle. (edp and edt), Giorgio Beverly Hills and Armani Code (for women). Then I just kept collecting passionately. (Some serious collectors have over 1,000! It’s awe-inspiring.) …And, I reviewed every fragrance in my collection on this blog (those posts are no longer “in print”).

I try to keep my collection around 500. To most that would seem beyond outrageous, but *shrug* to me perfume it’s a form of art and I derive a great amount of joy from almost every bottle in my collection. The boxes, the bottles, the fragrances themselves and the history behind each piece is a sensory feast.

How did it happen? To be very blunt (I’ve come to be out of exasperation over the years) in 2012 I was given a part of my inheritance and perfume became my main indulgence in 2014 after I read numerous reviews online and on Instagram from brilliant vintage collectors who inspired me to go on my own search to explore vintage fragrances. I had loved almost everything antique and vintage since childhood when I used to go to art museums and antique stores with my parents or enjoy the antique heirlooms and Native American artifacts we had in our living room. I used to collect vintage tea cups as a teenager.

Obviously, it’s a blessing to have such a collection BUT, I do try to take good care of the bottles I’ve collected and given the interest of my children I suspect it’ll be a collection that will be enjoyed in at least our family for many years to come. It’s a delight.

Again, perfume is a multi sensory experience. And, as my collection has grown so have my tastes. I love vintages but I appreciate many others too (sometimes for sentimental reasons). If you’d like to view a part of my current catalog my Fragrantica ID is MuirinS (just be warned that my current profile is a mess – the bottles are all out order).


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