Our Home (for the Nosey Rosey readers)

If you stalk me online without being a truly creepy stalker you may have found my new home address. (I know some at least fairly normal people do this.) Ha! Our home is indeed worth around $330,000.00, which isn’t that much for a house relatively speaking but where we live you can buy a decent, quality house for that amount. To stay in our budget we could have spent $100,000.00 or so more, at least, but we decided not to. You don’t want to be “house-poor” at all and you do want to spend the least possible in your budget (live well and save for retirement, etc.). Again, that’s really not that much for a house nowadays but it was enough to buy a house that we love. Maybe three or four years down the road we’ll buy a house for around $800 to million here. That’s the trajectory we’re on. But, I don’t want a house here in the Midwest ever worth more than that I don’t think (regardless of income or inheritance). And sure, nowadays, that’s mostly just an upper-middle class house in the US but you can still buy a very fun house for that price in the Mid-West. In Seattle where we lived for two years $700,000.00 is what you pay for an average (but genuinely nice) house now. If we lived in Seattle though (or Boston) my husband would be making a considerable amount more at work so we’d likely have a home around that price now if we lived out there (600 to 800 thousand or so) as our budget would be different. (His income couldn’t drop at all if we moved somewhere cheaper in the US but it could go up if we moved to Seattle or Boston.) And, our dream home (for the next three to five years or so) out there would be over a million very easily. Of course, around a million is still basically upper-middle class in Seattle but, *shrug* I like upper-middle class houses. They’re often somewhat spacious and pretty but they aren’t scary. As in, if you have an estate (in the US) it’s scary because it seems more likely that someone with bad intentions will come your way. Estates just seem to be asking for too much attention nowadays regardless of where they are.

Now…some folks have accused me of being over reliant on my husband financially. So, just for kicks today I figured out where I’d be without him financially (provided I was single). Here goes: If I didn’t go to the UK I’d be making a salary of around $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 as a social worker (It’s extremely likely I’d have a MSW from a local Catholic college if I didn’t marry Mark as that’s what I planned to do if I didn’t go to the UK.). Maybe I’d be a guardian ad litem as some suggested I’d be good at being. My net worth however, would be around $200,000.00 to $400,000.00 (Due to inheritance, which also calculates in for education costs). I would would probably own a nice enough condo or be living with my mom (for company and to save money) and I’d probably be driving a relatively new Volvo (that I owned) and my signature fragrance would likely be something by Jo Malone. But, I wouldn’t be collecting perfume or much else. Maybe vintage and antique china very carefully? I’d also likely have done some traveling, although not as much. At 35, almost 36 I’d already be a rather…boring, nice lady or what used to be called “an old maid.” Ha! Well, if I didn’t go to the UK or marry someone else, of course.

…*sigh* My husband will hate that I just shared that. Sorry honey… But, I can just see the reactions of some very curious folks if they ever do an internet search. *rolling eyes* I’m sure they’ll find some way to twist it. So…for my own sanity’s sake, I thought I’d preempt it and explain. *shrug*

And…I do wonder. What would my former perfume frenemies think of me then? Ha! I’d bet they likely wouldn’t have given two seconds to even think of my existence if they ever even met me, which is unlikely.

More tomorrow.

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