So, I really don’t necessarily know where to take this blog. I feel like there’s an incredible amount of animosity out there, at the current second, directed towards bloggers who discuss their personal life and their feelings consistently and I think I’ll share a bit here and there going forward, but not as much. I think if I share more it will go from sharing “personal” (like my feelings about public drama/issues, my weight, the subject of my last post, etc, etc.) stuff to actually personal stuff. I mean, I’ve shared a lot. Ha! And in the past I’ve shared a bit here and there that was “beyond the surface personal” but…that’s not for not right now. Life is incredibly busy for us at this time and I don’t feel like opening up online right now about the real daily stresses I encounter.

At the same time, I don’t want to entirely be…product reviews. Perfume reviews were different, I think. They were about art… Product reviews can be done elegantly, be helpful and I still plan to do them but I don’t want that to be my main focus.

Book reviews? *far off look* Maybe? *shrug* We’ll see.


I’ll be back with my plan soon.

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