Style Part II

I’ve found my perfect bag. I’m going to wait until I buy it to tell you exactly, but suffice to say I know what it is now and it’s by Launer. *happy smile* I still plan to buy my sterling silver teapot, Burberry coat and use my vintage 60’s alligator bag, but I also have that perfect “forever bag” in mind now. And how did I find it? Well, I saw Queen Elizabeth wearing her classic Launer bag and was curious who made it. She’s made that house iconic.

I’m excited. I adore Queen Elizabeth and the London house that makes her bag is fantastic. The quality is sublime! And, I’d like to have my bag during her reign… I think I will. And, it will always be my favorite.

Anyway, I’m also going to chronicle my health journey towards losing the weight I don’t want from being pregnant. So far it’s been challenging and I’ve had bronchitis for over a month (as I said yesterday), but I’m going to keep looking for solutions.

Right now my weight is at 160 lbs.. Before I became pregnant I weighed about 140 lbs., which wasn’t my ideal, but wasn’t too bad. My best weight is around 125 to 130 (when I was a size 0 I was at 115). I’d like to get to 125/130 by next early summer at the latest. I know I can do it.

…Also right now we’re finding spots for the pots of (French) lavender we had in our gardens. And I’ve discovered how happy orchids seem to be inside my house, but I worry the lavender won’t like it as much. Perhaps, I’ll have to make dried lavender sachets for holiday gifts this year?

Oh, and my father and his friend had a blast last night at the political event. Lots of fun. The President knows how to engage an audience. He also very much reminds us of a former 1980’s executive (For IBM? Or was it some large telecommunications company? I can’t remember. Sorry.) we know who married one of my parents’ close friends, Pat, decades ago.

It was his third and last marriage. They met years after his last divorce and he was a bit older than her but they were deeply in love. Very much. And I loved going to their dinners while growing-up. His stories were fascinating.

Our family friend grew up in a wealthy family in Washington D.C. and is around the same age as Trump (maybe he’s a bit older) and they’re both brash and blunt in a way I think a lot of top business leaders tend to be (he’s not quite as much as Trump is though). Our family friend also has a genuinely good heart despite however tough he might come across as and a very quick mind. I am certainly not trying to defend the President’s every word or action, but I do wonder if there’s a lot of good to him too that we’ll recognize more objectively in the future after his term ends than is possible at the moment (Don’t get too upset please. Ha!)

What are your fall activities as of late?

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