Baptême du Feu (Repost)

This reminds me a little of Papillon Artisan Salome, and actually the other Papillon Artisan perfumes I’ve also tried.

The gingerbread and castoreum notes work together to create a feeling of a sort of…well…erotic bakery in the winter?  Haha.  And, that’s not a bad smell at all.  The opposite.

…And, no, I don’t know for certain whether or not erotic bakeries actually exist.  Maybe?

Anyway, Baptême du Feu (Serge Lutens 2016) is a very charming fragrance.  It’s heady but not heavy, in my opinion, and certainly would be lovely to smell wafting from a man or a woman.  It’s spicy but not too serious and woody in a cerebral, engaging way without being pushy or crass.  I like it.

Notes: gingerbread, powdery notes, tangerine, castoreum, osmanthus and woody notes.  

Nose: Christopher Sheldrake

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