Chanel no. 22 (Repost from 2014)

It’s been a long week so far and it’s only Wednesday.  A very long week…   Has it been that way for you too?  I hope not.

My son has croup.  Yes, the stuff from the L.M. Montgomery novel, Anne of Green Gables.  And no, we did not use ipecac.  Sadly, croup is a lot more common than I realized, but thankfully they have steroids that really help children and infants breath…

I’m ready for a nap after staying awake at the emergency room until after 3:00am with my son, but thank the Lord for modern medicine.  Seriously.  It never hits you how vulnerable we are, as human beings, until you have kids.  I’ve been quite sick, and I’ve had sick parents, but having a sick kid is very different.  It can be a deeply traumatizing, definitely sobering, experience.

Anyway, my son is feeling better today.  Thank goodness.

Again, thank God for the er.  And, thank God for a car to drive there…


For a bit of relaxation and enjoyment I’ve been wearing Chanel 22 on my wrists and behind my ears everyday since my last post.


DSC06381 (2)

DSC06379 (2)

DSC06383 (2)

I find that dabbing on a few drops of a pleasant scent really cheers me up, and, of course, when there’s lots of stress in your life, anything positive is welcome.  Perhaps Chanel no. 22, has gone beyond just a generally happy scent though.  I am becoming more than a bit fascinated by it, and I think it might be my new signature scent.  Actually, it seems, from my observation, that one Chanel fragrance or another often has that a certain beguiling effect on people though…

Truly, I’m a Shalimar fan.  A huge vintage Shalimar fan.  It’s the scent that started my fascination with vintage fragrances, actually.  But, Chanel 22 is fabulous.  I mean, really…  The first time I smelled it I was surprised and a bit confused, and that’s part of its charm.  For a 1920’s fragrance it reminded me of something from the 1970’s.  (I’m still trying to learn more about fragrance to figure out why I had that first impression.)  I wasn’t even sure I liked it, but then as it wore on and I smelled my wrists over and over, in an attempt to figure out its mysteries, I started to deeply appreciate all that it had to offer.  And now I love it.  I simply love, love it.  I know what I’ll be asking for as gifts for Christmas and birthdays for a while…

It’s a little bit mysterious.  Yet, mysterious in this romantic, bright lights, dark shadows sort of way…  Like a wildly romantic film noir…  While Shalimar is passion, strength, and beauty with a dash of wild adventure in roaring 20’s form, and Chanel No. 5 is  a sparkling and sensual aria, Chanel 22 is more ethereal.  Imagine a very old, supremely lovely, moonlit garden on a country estate in July.   You find yourself lost somewhere among the roses but realize that you don’t mind one bit.  It’s a warm summer night, and the moon feels close, safe and just as luminous as a city skyline, only warmer and quite enchanting.  Yum.

I tried to capture a little vintage charm yesterday, earlier in the day, in my attire.  I wore a vintage brown plaid skirt from the 1960’s with an unknown label, a brown cotton gap cardigan, and a lace trimmed cotton shell underneath from Aerie.  My shoes were a comfortable pair of old chocolate brown Sperry Topsiders.  I barely wore any jewelry – a simple pair of diamond studs and my rings.

DSC06405 (2)

DSC06424 (2)

I’m hoping and praying that my son gets better fast, and that I find time for a nap.   Until Friday, have a nice rest of your week. 

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