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Writing about this one is scary. It reminds me of a class I took in my junior year of college. I went to a private religiously affiliated college and for one required Biblical Studies class I had a professor who insisted that by the end of his class we would be amazed by an interpretation he had of a particular book in the Bible. Our final grade would be based largely on this intrepretation and a presentation involving it, but the catch was that we had to guess what his interpretation was based on what we had learned throughout the course. As luck would have it and in my innocence and trust I believed him and began to look for something astounding. In my assigned group for the presentation everyone else found and tended to believe the most obvious answer, but I kept looking for that (as he literally put it) “life changing” nugget of wisdom.   

At the time of our presentation I decided to take a risk and differ from everyone else in the group. Of course, they were right. And I got harshly yelled at in front of everyone in my group… I was hurt, confused and shocked. Apparently my “crazy” answer was sacrilegious and deeply offensive. But again… (and I say this very seriously) I was looking for something you could think was “life changing” and, of course, that I hadn’t seen in the passages before.

Anyway, one thing I learned from that rather traumatic experience was that what one person sees as “amazing” to someone else can be… painfully, pathetically obvious. You truly have to interpret many opinions of others in life with a humility and confidence rooted in the knowledge that all of our experiences are wildly different. There are facts but how things affect you as an individual is, obviously, so incredibly personal.  

I love Gabrielle (Chanel 2017).  To me, on my skin, this Olivier Polge beauty is magnificent. 

Gabrielle is utterly melancholy, almost sad. Actually, if a perfume could cry I think this one might. But it’s ethereal, moving and subtle. And sure it’s glamorous, but in a quiet, polite citrus, jasmine and orange blossom way. The warm base notes are present but airy and reserved. And there is that Chanel tuberose (also found in Chanel No. 22) that on my skin is different than any other tuberose – very demure and nearly a different note.  

This is also a very vintage-like scent. If there’s any awkwardness I read it’s because it feels like Chloé Love Story gave one of my very old floral aldehydes a modern makeover and she’s stunning but maybe she didn’t need it… Still the heart of Gabrielle shines brightly through and feels marvelously alive.  

Top notes: lemon, black currant and mandarin orange.  Middle notes: jasmine, ylang ylang, orange blossom and tuberose.  Base notes: musk and sandalwood. 

Nose: Olivier Polge 

8 thoughts on “Gabrielle (Repost)

  1. The jury is still out for me on this one. I did buy it on duty free because i don’t feel it is really worth £112 in the line up of Chanel perfumes, that is.
    I will have to spend more time with it i think. I just wish it lasted more than one hour on my skin.
    Speaking on No 22; however, i have put in a request for a bottle for Christmas. That is fantastic and stays put all day. Packs a real punch that would be expected of a high end perfume. I will review Gabrielle as soon as i have made my mind up about it. Love the bottle design though. Thanks for the review XX

    1. And of course, I think it’s worth more… On me it lasts longer than an hour. And I truly wonder why there’s such a discrepancy… But as I said, it’s very personal. I’m glad you too enjoy No. 22. It’s a beauty indeed and yes, there’s lots of projection. You know, it does seem that everyone agrees that the bottle is pretty… At least it has that solidly positive point! 😂🤔☺️

      1. It’s certainly not an offensive perfume, very light and the orange blossom and tuberose comes through for me.
        I’m happy that it works well for you and it’s great to read a positive review on it because it really is a mixed bag. I don’t regret buying it but have only wore it twice, so not sure what I really think about it just yet.
        When I bought Chance EDP, I couldn’t stop wearing it for weeks. I got through a 50ml bottle very quickly 😁😀

      2. Yes… Interesting! And I don’t do as well with Chance, unfortunately. I appreciate it, but it feels cold on my skin. Honestly though, I just love Chanel everything to at least some degree so I’d happily wear Chance! But I don’t think I’d buy it… Well, whatever you decide on this one, I look forward to reading your review of it. And thanks for the encouragement. 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

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