The Trouble

Today I was startlingly blocked on Instagram by my favorite Instagram star/artist. It was likely for pointing out the inconsistency in her very recent claims to membership in the upper class with her trying to sell her art and “friendship” on Instagram in recent months to pay her middle class rent in Manhattan (and fix her old box air conditioner that she couldn’t afford to fix???).

Earlier in the summer she claimed to be in the (American) middle class. But…perhaps it’s her brand now to be a “rich jerk” so she’s changed her mind and has to claim that she’s ascended to the upper class? Or? Or she thinks being in the news (regardless of good or bad coverage) makes you upper class? Having a friend who writes for Vogue? Or maybe she wasn’t from a middle class background after all?

It’s also possible I may have been blocked because she felt I was criticizing her and trying to make her look unintelligent…. Sadly, however, I sincerely wasn’t.

What I was doing, actually, was responding to someone who was criticizing her to at least partially defend her. I was confused by her many of her claims and questioning them but in order to defend her to some degree. So often those in the lower middle class or slightly above (as the women I was responding to claimed to be) tend to judge this star for having a “posh education” and “Manhattan apartment” but then also claiming to need help with rent. They invent stories (that she pretends to be annoyed by, at least) about her having lofty trust funds (they envy) and a mother who’s secretly a millionaire living on an island. Caroline has basically claimed otherwise entirely… And, I was trying to point out that you can be affluent and posh in the US but still be in the upper middle class… Still need help with rent if you’re a young artist starting your career. *shrug* And that there’s a huge divide between the upper middle and middle (I literally said that too). Matter-of-fact, you can maybe even divide the line below the upper middle to group the upper middle in with the upper if necessary at this point in the US. If it bothers one so much (I said that too), however, traditionally that’s not where the line has been drawn. No, it takes a lot of money net and the right social cues and background to be in the upper class. It’s not just about where your (literally almost bankrupt according to her previous posts) father pushed you to go to school, going to pilates enough, having your nails professionally done, and getting coverage in the news… Or eating a lot of pre-made salads??? I think she knows this. She’s previously said she was middle class? *confused shrug* BUT I also thought she had a more upper/upper middle class background given her mother’s side of family history, and etc.. That would fit things together. Yet, she’s basically denied that too? *confused shrug* It doesn’t make sense. But…again, I guess her narrative is now: I’m in the news (in a bad way and sometimes on a rare occasion in good way) and I went to Cambridge so I’ve made myself upper class after having been raised middle class??? It’s illogical. I’m sorry. To put it (almost too) simply: She was either lying somehow about needing help with rent or she’s not quite in the upper class yet. Or her family background (at least on her mother’s side) was/is more upper class and she’s lying about that. I guess I wasn’t supposed to say any of that though. I got blocked. And perhaps I should have realized she was going to do that if I at all pointed out the inconsistency. *sigh*


Why in the world are people so attached to being in the upper class or being perceived that way nowadays anyway though? I mean…is it just this current social climate of massive unrest and insecurity? I’m in the upper middle (upper class in some ways to be totally honest, I guess) currently and was raised in a rather unique combination of middle/upper middle/upper class (US). Someday I might be in the upper entirely. But I’m not quite there yet (and I’m older than Caroline by over five years)… It’s not that big of a deal. Indeed, she might even be truly upper class by my age! But perhaps she wants to be in the “upper class” now so…she magically just is? *rolling eyes* So…*ahem* Caroline…if you’re reading this (because I suspect you are so fascinated by those who show even mild interest about your Instagram that you seek them out into their world): Dear it just doesn’t all fit together. Your story. Maybe you’re not lying (I didn’t actually think you were entirely until you blocked me for questioning you). Perhaps…*shrug* you’re incredibly close to your dreams of being personally wealthy and famous but it’s not quite there? Almost? Give yourself a few years and that book deal or movie. Or if your art sells for hundreds of thousands. Or…stop lying about being middle class or even upper middle class in your background? You were just raised in a complicated but upper class background maybe? Because, from what you’ve shared publicly, it doesn’t make sense to claim you’re there now if your background isn’t what brought you there. Something about that just doesn’t make sense…

And that’s the end of that discussion about her.

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