Gimlet (Repost)

(One of my first posts from 2014.)

In the time I’ve taken to write a new post, a lot of drama has happened in my life. But, today was a nice, semi-relaxing, fun day of family shopping.

My husband holding our newly restored lamp My husband holding our newly restored lamp








Picking up the lamp also included antiquing. My husband is a gem when it comes to taking care of our son during our antiquing excursions, so mom had plenty of “me time” to peruse the stacked aisles. At one of the antique stores we found this vintage military coat.  Lately I’ve been doing some shopping for fall clothes and in the process of that my husband looked through the latest  J. Crew catalogue.  Honestly, I’m kind of hating their most recent styles.  The cut of most of the clothes just looks so boxy and, more importantly, dreary, in my humble opinion.  My husband agreed, and today, when he saw the coat pictured below, his first response was that it reminded him of something from the latest J. Crew women’s section.  Totally agree, my dear…  Ugh.

12 J. Crew’s inspiration?

During our outings today I wore a simple pair of jeans, and a top from Target, a black Reiss coat for warmth, and pink L.K. Bennett ballet flats. I also wore an antique art deco, blue glass, silver ring my grandmother purchased as a young woman in either the late 1920’s or early 30’s.  It’s such a lovely ring, and I’ve even considered having it replicated with more durable materials.





I also enjoyed wearing a light, vintage splash of Jean Nate today.  Since Jean Nate was reformulated, it smells best, according to many, in vintage.  I found my bottle on Etsy.  I’m assuming it’s probably from the 1950’s or 60’s based on the markings and general appearance of the box.
Jean Nate, in vintage, has this lovely, lasting, lemony, slightly sweet, powdery smell.  Some find it cloying, but I find it delicious.  It reminds of me of the perfect lemon bar with powdered sugar sprinkled on top, and I can easily imagine Betty Draper, from Mad Men, wearing it during her marriage to Don Draper.  Perhaps she would wear it to the grocery store or just around the house to feel fresh and pretty.


Now, all I should have, is a gimlet.

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