Floriental (Repost)

This is another lovely creation that reminds me of Papillon Artisan Salome and a recent one I tried by Houbignant named Demi Jour.  The notes are listed below and frankly, I can smell all of them.  It’s spicy, sweet, heady, and wonderfully warm.  I like it.

But, where Salome is erotic and Demi Jour is sweet and very warm, Floriental (Comme des Garcons 2015) turns chilly in the drydown.  At least on my skin it turns chilly.

The projection is pleasant.  It’s exceedingly polite too, unlike Salome.  Actually, if your plans are to attend a public engagement it’s a nice alternative to Salome or other potentially dicey choices that are gorgeous but could offend someone.

But, as much as it has its merits, I don’t think I’ll buy a full bottle.  The way it turns cold in the drydown isn’t quite my cup of tea.  Still, it’s a lovely one.



Notes: sandalwood, labdanum, vetiver, incense, plum and pink pepper.  


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