Neiman’s Part II.

So, I know what I think about the rest of the Neiman’s samples.

Pai Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil is fantastic! It works well to remove make-up but it also detoxes pores. Yet, as rich as the oil is it washes away like a mild soap. It also smells very good and yet doesn’t irritate the skin. I don’t use soap or any sort of cleanser on my skin but if I did this would be a top choice.

Oh La Mer. It has such a storied past… But, I wasn’t overly impressed this time around. It works well enough (both the foundation and the moisturizer) but it’s not the best. Not anymore… At least, that’s my opinion.

Amore Pacific Time Response is fine. For a $300 product it’s fine. My skin looked noticeably better with it than without and although it was very perfumed it wasn’t that irritating. It’s a quality moisturizer. However, it’s not one I would ever purchase because there are better options.

Guerlain makes some of the world’s best and most historic perfumes. Period. It’s a grand house. That being said, this moisturizer is…dull, at best. Disappointing at worst. And, I’ve heard similar stories from other people who have used Orchidée Impériale.

It’s a gorgeous name for a product and the packaging is pretty but it’s just a fragranced facial lotion that sits on the skin and doesn’t improve almost anything to a satisfactory degree. Unhappy pores, fine lines? This won’t get rid of them.

And then we have one of my favorite houses for skincare: Estée Lauder. I truly think they make some of the most effective skincare available and have for years.

Aerin Rose Hand and Body Cream is luxurious. So luxurious. The rose note in this cream is magic and this truly works to make skin softer. It’s a pleasing product in every way. I don’t use beauty products with phthalates unless I have to so I don’t think I’d buy this, but gosh. It’s worth it. And it makes me more curious about Aerin fragrances in general actually.

But Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift? Oh my. This $300 moisturizer is utterly fantastic! It’s heavily fragranced and, again, I do try to be careful about the ingredients in my skincare and only make a few exceptions (like ANR) but goodness. It totally transformed my skin, especially in combination with my regular Advanced Night Repair. If I wasn’t worried about ingredient safety the way I am I’d buy this in a snap. It’s that good. Truly.

Of course, the lovely Estée Lauder lip liner and lipstick that came with the other samples were perfection too. I prefer Dior, Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel lipsticks (Chanel being the top favorite) but, this is undeniable quality. And these colors are so flattering. I’ll actually use both samples and love them.

So…I obviously came away realizing that Estée Lauder is indeed everything it’s supposed to be. And, isn’t that comforting? When things are what they’re supposed to be? Yes. Why yes. *smile*

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