A Birthday Gift

Next month, November, is my birthday month. And, as I inch closer to 40 I’m adjusting to the idea that I’ll be definitively middle-aged in ten years. I’ll be 45 going on 46 by then.

Anyway, my list of things I want has been revised. I know what I’ll likely be receiving for my birthday this year and I’m excited to say that my antique sterling silver teapot is off my list. *happy smile* It’ll be especially lovely to use it this fall and winter. All I need now is a proper sterling silver tea strainer (I have one but it’s not particularly pretty and it’s not silver).

Downstairs in the formal dining room I have my 1930’s/40’s Japanese Phoenixware blue and white creamer, some vintage/antique English ironstone pieces by Wedgewood, a cut glass teapot warmer from a local tea shop and a few pieces of antique plated silver prepared for tea with my new English Edwardian sterling silver teapot. It’ll be fantastic! …I thought about buying some blue fluted plain Royal Copenhagen, 19th Century flow blue or a nice tea cup and saucer from Saks for the occasion but I like my English ironstone and very vintage Phoenixware.

Thankfully, as I edge into 36 I’m down a definite five lbs. and I’ll be almost at ten lbs. lost soon. What’s working for me? Well, along with eating sensibly (as I was doing) and exercising daily I’ve been taking a decent vitamin D3 and quality post-natal multi-vitamin. My D3 levels were very low and my doctor prescribed me a fairly large daily dose (you don’t want to overdose on D3 though as that’s not safe). I’m also drinking more water.

So, if you’re struggling with losing weight at all, as I was, I’d suggest checking your D3 levels too as well as your thyroid health, overall daily nutrition and really just getting a physical examination with your doctor in general to make sure your body isn’t trying to warn you of something. As many of us know, losing weight is about being truly healthy and not just about becoming your ideal image.

Also, I’m growing out my natural color. It’s still a neutral dark blond/very light brown . I’d keep coloring it a bit but I’m tired of the highlighted look for now and, as it is for all of us, my hair health improves with the less I do to it. It’s in a slightly short bob right now and I’ll just keep trimming it until it reaches about an inch and half past my shoulders. I think that’s a good length for me.

I haven’t had braces put back on my teeth yet. Although, I hope we’ll get around to that within the next year or so. My teeth used to be perfectly straight (after braces in my adolescence) but they’ve shifted over time and I’m starting to get annoyed with how they look (I’ve shared this before). My bite isn’t awesome either. Time to fix it sooner than later. I want my perfectly straight teeth back before I turn 40.

Two good friends of mine kept me from buying a strand of $300 cultured pearls (they were on sale) the other day from Macy’s. I thought, “What’s the difference? Most people assume pearls are faux anyway when they see them and these are legitimately pretty.” BUT, “No!” they kindly warned me. (They’re a godsend.) And so, I’m going to wait. My sterling silver teapot was worth waiting for and real quality always is. It’s not trendy to care nowadays about things like that but I still like classic, quality items (like silver, blue and white, Chanel and etc.). I don’t care how uncool that makes me seem to some people who have unintentionally made the counter-culture of the past the current mainstream? (Ha!) I’m the one who has to use the things I buy. Why not enjoy my life and purchases? It’s only common sense.

So, ignoring the aggressive Hyacinth Buckets of 2019, here’s my revised list of things (not including housing upgrades, things romantic, other clothes, plants, things fragranced, or things health or beauty related) to buy in the next year to few years:

1. A strand of new, quality cultured pearls. I have very vintage cultured pearls from my great grandmother (my mother wore them on her wedding day) but those are not for anything but a rare occasion. Speaking of which, I need to have them restrung and evaluated by our jeweler for safety.

2. A new Launer handbag (and ideally wallet too). I’m hoping to have this bag by next summer. I want to purchase it sooner than later. It has priority on my list. This will be my signature handbag. I’m absolutely positive about this bag.

3. A classic Burberry trench coat. I have a trench coat from 2010 by DKNY but it’s already a little dated and in less than stellar condition. I need to replace it with one that’ll stay chic for longer (and take better care of it).

4. A new Cartier Tank. I have one that’s vintage (maybe 1960’s or so?) but I want one that’ll be worn by me and me alone and that I don’t worry as much about very lightly damaging with regular use.

5. A new Louis Vuitton monogram Alma pm. I try not to care how much people hate monogram Louis Vuitton because I think the colors and design are lovely, elegant, historic and very versatile. This item is near the end of my list though. It’s more of an add-on.

6. A vintage Hermès Kelly Bag. It’s such a gorgeous bag. Hermès design is utterly fabulous always. However, as this isn’t my signature and it’s just for fun it’s at the very bottom of my list. Someday.

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