Erno Laszlo And Others

Lately I’ve been struggling to find the right products for my 35 year old face. I don’t like certain ingredients as they tend to be too much for my very sensitive skin (I use only water to cleanse), but I do like other anti-aging ingredients like niacinamide and I’ve had good luck with hyaluronic acid (not the vitamins) and vitamin c.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is perfect. I never have found another product to replace it.

I like Pai Instant Calm Chamomile & Rosehip Day Cream, but my skin could use a little more in terms of anti-aging, especially in this cooler weather. When I recently tried Re-Nutriv by Estée Lauder I was very impressed with how it affected my fine lines as compared to Pai.


And then there’s Erno Laszlo.

I’ve tried a few Erno Laszlo products over the years. Their masks are amazing. I plan to rebuy that product this winter. I used to use their pre-cleansing oil and black soap but I stopped when it became too drying and recently I repurchased the Hydraphel Skin Supplement thinking it would work as well as it used to, but that too isn’t quite what it was. It’s nice, but I won’t be buying it again. I have the stereotypical problem of increasingly drier skin as I age.

Here I am today, unedited (and this is not an at all flattering or well staged photo *laugh*), first thing in the morning before a shower, no makeup, hair unbrushed (my hair looks slightly darker here than in person):

Some people would consider my skin “good enough” for a 35 almost 36 year old, but if you look closely (in person) you can detect a few fine lines here and there or at least developing ones on my forehead and right underneath my eyes and a few very slight dark spots on my nose.

I’ve been very diligent my whole life about skincare so I have that working in my favor but I’d still like to improve some things. One of my favorite cousins in her 40’s had Fraxel done years ago (well) to her already lovely skin and she still looks sublime. I might follow her and have that done too in a few years. Although, I’ll never have fillers or Botox.

And my teeth. They used to be perfectly straight. As in, truly perfect. *sigh* Nothing even the tiniest bit out of place or even slightly crooked was present anywhere. It was a perfect smile… *sigh* And my parents spent thousands upon thousands at the orthodontist from age 8 to 13 to achieve that look. But…alas…I didn’t wear my retainer. *laugh* I think I was very sick of dental work by the time they finished at the orthodontist and when they removed my braces I felt free for the first time since early elementary school. *laugh* And now, you can see a few crooked places here and there *grimace* and you can see that my alignment is a little off. And, of course, it’s most noticeable when I speak and less so when I smile, although this is a pretty decent representation of reality as I tried to smile to show the issues (not my natural smile). Again, it’s not perfect and I want my teeth to be truly perfect. *laugh and eye roll* Oh well. It’s just that when your teeth are off it puts excess pressure on various places in your mouth and that can affect you a lot in later years.


So, I’ll use the rest of my current Erno Laszlo, and continue with Pai and Advanced Night Repair. But I’m on the search to find a product or two that will supplement my routine a bit. Wish me good luck or go poke your eye out. *wink*

Totally messy and very dirty hair!! Unwashed face. And not posed or altered for attractiveness. Good golly. But here’s different lighting at least (you can see my skin better but my eyebrows ironically look more sparse).

…I also just noticed that the outlet near our upstairs bathroom sink needs to be fixed. Oops. *sigh* Old houses.

And here’s a more staged (but not fake mind you because I do actually look like this or better in person when I take a shower and etc. ) photo of me from this summer. I weighed about ten lbs. more here but it’s not that noticeable I guess since it’s just my face? *shrug* Anyway… lots of work to do.

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