Paradise Lost (Repost)

The first time I saw Paradise Lost (Keiko Mecheri 2011) on Instagram a few years ago I was instantly curious to try it.  I knew I would find it fascinating and I do.

It’s a passionate yet discrete fragrance.  The wild florals are kept under a well sealed veneer of citrus and elegant sandalwood.  You can smell them and they move you with their poignancy, but not too much.

Actually, to my nose, Paradise Lost is also a little buttery.  Buttery in the way L’Heure Bleue is buttery. 

It’s a very nice fragrance.   It’s warm and cool all at once and perfect for anyone who likes it.


Top notes: bergamot and lime.  Middle notes: jasmine and tuberose.  Base notes: bourbon vanilla, musk, sandalwood.  


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