Samsara Parfum (A New Review!)

A few weeks ago I wore my 2000’s Guerlain Samsara eau de toilette and I found myself really loving it. It’s a fragrance I never paid much attention to although I recall reading that Barbara Walters once claimed it as her signature fragrance… Is that right? I think so. *shrug*

Anyway, it’s held my attention a lot as of late. And so just recently I bought a bottle of what’s likely 2000’s or 1990’s Guerlain Samsara extrait (I need to look this flacon up online and figure it out ASAP). My goodness what a perfect purchase! I mean, is it possible to go wrong wearing Samsara extrait in the Northern Hemisphere during November?! Unless you have an allergy I doubt it.

The way elegant and rich fruity florals combine with the Guerlinade sandalwood to create this gem is timeless, festive and so truly pretty. And in pure parfum form it’s just as if the beauty inherent in the other concentrations is simply made louder. Unlike some extrait versions of a few fragrances this is not the opulent “skin scent” or lovely but “dense” version of the different variations but truly it’s just more of a very good thing. It’s an extrait that works exceedingly well. I plan to wear it frequently.

Do you have this one? If you do I have a feeling I’ve only echoed your thoughts. Ha! Enjoy.

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