Earl Grey & Cucumber (Repost)

Earl Grey & Cucumber starts off with a very noticeable blend of individual notes (bergamot in particular) that in combination smell like earl grey tea indeed. And it’s lovely!! (Jo Malone 2011)

Then, this tea scent moves into the realm of more powdery fragrances with a gentle, slightly fruity, slightly musky, vanilla-laced charm.

Overall, this isn’t a fragrance to make noise with necessarily, but Earl Grey & Cucumber has a polite, somewhat unflinching and certainly elegant presence. Every once in a while, as it wears, you smell its pleasant wafts.

So far, in general, I’m incredibly impressed with Jo Malone. I know it’s changed over the years, and I know I’m beyond “late to the party”, but…as a permanently stressed-out 35 year old mom I’m rediscovering this house now and just how truly divine it is! At the moment I don’t need anything to remind me of the inherent craziness and chaos of life and Jo Malone is extremely welcome with its reassuring, pretty and definitely calm loveliness. Perfection!

Bring on more… Please!

Top notes: apple, bergamot, jasmine and aquatic notes. Middle notes: cucumber, angelica and davana. Base notes: vanilla, bees wax, cedar and musk.

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