Une Belle Journée (Repost)

Une Belle Jouenée (Paul Emelien 2014) is magical. Somehow, when you first apply it, the iris, mint, rose, mandarin, jasmine and geranium read as…DILL! Fresh from the farmer’s market on a summer day, unbelievably and uncharacteristically elegant dill… And, I adore it.

Then, it shifts about a little and the notes separate to form individual accords. Iris, mint and rose seem to be friends. Peony, plush immortelle, and violet leaf are buddies. And oakmoss, mandarin and rose seem to want iris to join their little gang…

At least, that’s how my nose experiences it.

…And as these notes clamor about for their place, a gorgeous fragrance is formed and projected nicely from the skin… 😍 I’m starting to think that I adore Paul Emelien.

Top notes: mandarin orange, iris, mint, Turkish rose and like. Middle notes: immortelle, rose, peony, jasmine, geranium, pink pepper, and violet leaf. Base notes: oakmoss, leather and jasmine.

Nose: Patrick Bodifée

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