1A-33 (Repost)

Oh J. F. Schwarlose.

Is it fair to say that this reminds me of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Bianca Nerolia?  Because it does.  And I both love that and hate that.

Where Nerolia Bianca is brighter, more cheerful, more definitive and perhaps a little prettier, 1A-33 (J.F. Schwarlose 2012) is more delicate, elegant and mysterious.   I love Bianca Nerolia.  I almost love 1A-33…

Actually, if I try not to compare them I find myself liking 1A-33 more, but if I do compare them intentionally I like Bianca Nerolia more. 

Indeed, when I wore them both at the same time I loved the Guerlain. When I wore 1A-33 by itself (twice)…I was really tempted to buy a full bottle of it.


The thing is, 1a-33 changes.  Nerolia Bianca is more linear.  BUT…I’m not sure I love the way 1a-33 changes.


Oh, goodness, I likely won’t buy a full bottle of this Schwarzlose.  However, I think it’s a very nice one.  AND…goodness…I need to investigate this house even more!

Top notes: lime blossom, pink pepper, dew drop and mandarin orange.  Middle notes: magnolia and jasmine sambac.  Base notes: iris and cedar.  

Nose: Veronique Nyberg

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