English Pear & Freesia (Repost)

I think I may have found my perfect pear fragrance with English Pear & Freesia (Jo Malone 2010). But then again, I might not have. I’m unsure.

The melon starts off as a nice compliment to the pear. The freesia along with rose are very present. And the base notes are each bold but also almost in perfect equilibrium with each other so as to create a colorful but balanced base.

It’s very nice!

The thing is, while I’m starting to love Jo Malone, I also struggle to fully embrace it, as it is not my native aesthetic. A part of me wants to find a pear with more wallop.


In the meantime I’m loving my mini atomizer. And I’m loving how truly and inherently lovely this house is.

Top notes: pear and melon. Middle notes: rose and freesia. Base notes: rhubarb, amber, patchouli, and musk.

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