And Buying Them…

So, speaking of pearls…

And being offensive.

Here’s a post I think will upset people somewhere for reasons I don’t fully understand (and surprisingly no one has ever been able to genuinely explain) but intuitively I can guess it will based on years of online experience:


Here’s a few screenshots:

Those are the nice but mid-priced options.

Aren’t they pretty though?!


Actually, I’m mentally a little drained from analyzing the options. Yes, I do realize how silly and privileged that could sound. But seriously, it’s almost unpleasant. You’d think it wouldn’t be, but it kind of is if you take it (and so many things related to it) seriously.

Like…I’ve learned to most heavily invest in pieces that are usable and enjoyable for years and pearls fit into that category, but that’s problematic because if I go that route in this case it’ll cost thousands and thousands and thousands. The strands I really want are White South Sea (or more exquisite) and for an opera or rope or even choker that will be over $30,000.00 if not a $100,000.00…or more. *clearing throat* Obviously…that’s a big financial commitment for something one wears. And I mean, really, to put that in perspective I’m of the opinion that buying even a handbag over $1,000.00 is a commitment for anyone regardless of their wealth (given how money works). (You could make an argument for $100.00 but I personally draw the line at $1,000.00 regardless of resources.) So, I’m not sure it’s worth it… Or is it? I mean, I’ll take very good care of them and my kids might cherish the pearls I’d buy, but…still. I’m not sure it’s warranted or wise.

*sigh and eye-roll*

So…$2,000.00 or so seems like a great place to land right now for pearls. You can buy really lovely pearls at that price (like the ones above.). They’re not the best but they’re still genuinely beautiful and authentic. …But, of course, $2,000.00 is not a tiny amount really either. It’s not a truly burdensome amount when you’re able to afford things like lovely real pearls, but it’s still a “commitment price” for a piece of jewelry.

I could just buy a strand for a few hundred. Or even around $700.00. That’s like a used luxury handbag or a pair of really nice shoes. It seems less ridiculous by far. And perhaps our jeweler sells a decent strand that would fit in this financial category. I’d like that.

*thinking face*

But…I don’t want to just buy them to buy them. So it might take a little investment. And when you have a child needing surgery, an antique house, a car, other financial plans, you’re being responsible about the future and you have other truly big bills…and you’re currently only upper-middle class…it takes time.

We’ll see. But regardless, in a big picture sense, I need pearls eventually.

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