Le No 1 (Repost)


Of course I can’t help but be reminded of Chanel No 5 when I smell Ernest Beaux’s historic Le No 1. for Rallet (Rallet 1913 & 1923) as it was its predecessor (by the same nose) but I am also reminded of Coty L’Aimant and Le Galion Sortilège.   It’s beautiful and very important to perfume history but not exactly all that unique.

Le No. 1 in the formula I managed to procure from the 1950’s (or so) is creamy and peppered with florals drenched in poignant aldehydes.  And a smokey, and very vanillic drydown creates an undoubtable warmth.  It’s deep, lovely and perhaps more elegant and complex than most other fragrances reminiscent of Chanel No. 5 or, as it is in this case, even in the No. 5 ancestry.

Nose: Ernest Beaux

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