Pois de Senteur (Repost)

Vintage vanille acts like a toasted, syrupy coating over every note. This fragrance is very sweet. Musk and sandalwood only add to the sweetness, although they do also add depth. But ultimately this Caron fragrance from 1927 is a sugary floral with an emphasis on a very pretty rose. And while the indulgent, sweet beauty is overwhelming at first there’s something incredibly beautiful about it all, and the sillage (I rarely mention sillage) is truly delightful. 😍 This is one of those fragrances I’d love to have a full bottle of to wear when I want to make a statement but I’d never wear otherwise. Also, into the drydown the cedar emerges and adds even more beauty…

Top notes: hyacinth, tincture of rose, and cyclamen. Middle notes: jasmine and lily-of-the-valley. Base notes: musk, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, vanille and lime.

Nose: Ernest Daltroff

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