En Avion (Repost)

This sample of the vintage 1933 Caron En Avion wonderfully displays this grand old dame’s sassy and spicy floral heart, with particular emphasis on carnation (I also detect a very subtle lilac). Actually, I could easily see 1930’s or 40’s Katherine Hepburn in perfectly tailored pants wearing this one… En Avion has a lot of personality. And, the way the notes combine to create something similar to the smell of old school cigarette smoke lingering among well-coiffed florals tells a story in one whiff.

The drydown is exquisite and very typically vintage Caron too. …If you like 1980’s floral powerhouses and want to explore florals from before most people’s living memory then this one is surely worth seeking out for at least a sample.

Top notes: orange, carnation, rose, and neroli. Middle notes: jasmine, orange blossom and lilac. Base notes: opoponax, sandalwood and amber

Nose: Ernest Daltroff

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