I did have Champagne for my birthday. And it was a decent enough birthday in some ways (funny even, at times) and horrible in others. But it’s done.


Nicolas Feuillate is very fruity, but not overly sweet, by the way. I would never buy it again as that’s not my favorite kind of Champagne. I like Champagne dry, a bit less sweet and less overtly fruity. It wasn’t bad though…


I’ve decided to give-up on a few things this year. I’m actually the sort of person to not complain and not give-up in general but there are some things one shouldn’t hold on to.

1. People’s opinions (to a point). In the last year in particular I’ve had situation after situation of people coming to inaccurate conclusions that are both offensive and mean-spirited. Often they are over-confident in their negative opinions too.

In the past I’ve very quickly tried to fix these sort of problems or I’ve argued. No more. Now I’m going to make it a goal to just let go and let people gossip or judge freely unless it does direct harm to me or my family.

And, people may not even have totally thought through what they’re saying or doing. Or, they could be intentionally lying or posing to garner an emotional response. People can be fascinatingly clever with their emotional attacks and at times may not even consciously do it.

Regardless, I’m tired of chasing adults around in circles to figure out what the hell they’re trying to tell me. And I’m also done dealing with people who say the sky is green with orange spots and if you don’t believe them you’re evil. If you want to tell me something be serious and honest and tell me calmly. I’m not a babysitter or your mommy. I’m also positive the sky is blue.

2. I’ve been purposefully abrasive to annoying people for a few years. I was hopeful it would be more effective than always being nice (my previous modus operandi) but I’m done. I’m going back to being nice because (see above) you cannot argue with stupid. No way. No how. And by stupid I don’t mean stupid people but more or less stupidity in general.

3. I’m done with cheap for the sake of cheap except for emergencies. Sustainability and quality always. If you can find quality for less then great, otherwise don’t. Just don’t!

4. I’m done coloring my hair almost ever. My natural color is more genuinely flattering than anything I can do to it. I might occasionally highlight it very subtly but otherwise I’m done.

5. I’m done being truly young. I’m youngish now, but not young. I’m thankful I’m still alive. Life is shockingly fast and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. You’ll be 80 in five minutes.

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