I’ve loved Burberry for years. And recently I decided to buy one of their classic trenches after realizing that my trench is too outdated and worn. But the problem is that after doing a little research (on the advice of friends) I found out that they’ve moved a lot of their factories out of the UK. That’s something I’m wholeheartedly against for many reasons. *sigh* But really, I should have guessed it already.

So disappointing.

So, I’m on the lookout for an elegant trench that’s made more ethically. Brooks Brothers may be the answer but we’ll see. I know as a maker in the US they’re a bit better at actually making their clothing in the US even if they don’t specifically make their trenches in the US. At least, I think? And, of course, they have the right classic, elegant aesthetic as well.

On the upside, I’m going to save money by buying my trench elsewhere, even from Brooks Brother’s. Some of the money that I had allocated for the Burberry trench will be used for a new winter coat! And I found one I love. *smile* It’s wool not down, which slightly concerns me as I live in a place with very cold and snowy winters and down is a little warmer, but it’s made locally in the US very ethically and well by a family we actually know. The husband is a well-regarded and historic explorer (in particular for his adventures in the North Pole and no, I’m not kidding and his last name is not Klaus *laugh*) and his mother was like a second mother to my mom. I was fairly close to her as well. And my mother has worn at least one of their garments very happily, I think?

But anyway, the coat is gorgeous and I can personally attest to its wholesomeness. The decorative trim is made in Norway and the fur is taken from a Native American tribe that uses the rest of the animal genuinely sustainably. It’s just fantastic! I’m excited.

SO, the moral of the story is that it’s really worth it to try to do your research and hold companies accountable as a consumer for their practices. Honestly, a lot of the more sustainable clothing sources are chicer and cost less anyway. Capitalism can be used for good!

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