Beige  (Repost)

Chanel Beige (Chanel 2008) is perfectly named. The image of classic beige colored Chanel shoes or handbags certainly comes to mind with this beauty.

Smooth, sweet, luminous and delightfully tangy frangipani and freesia create a fruity cocktail with honey and hawthorne. And, the effect is, as many have noted, reminiscent of honeydew melon. But it also reminds me of banana, pineapple and perhaps even pear. There’s a cerulean tinged green quality to it too. Very green. Matter of fact, it even reminds me a bit of vintage Estée Lauder Private Collection. I also am reminded of the tremendously popular cucumber melon combinations of the late 90’s.

Still, Beige is frothy, rich and so Chanel. Very pretty. 

Notes: hawthorne, frangipani, honey and freesia.  

Nose: Olivier Polge 

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