It went well! *huge smile* Believe it or not (not a great photo and the legs look more “done” than the rest of the bird actually was) this duck had a perfect crispy, flavorful crust and tender, delicious meat. I’m happy I tried a new recipe.

Along with duck I served (and made) cabbage with bacon (in honor of my grandfather who also inspired the main course), sautéed green beans, glazed carrots, a tossed salad (my mom brought the salad), cranberry chutney, vegan garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, and (my mom brought the following two items) pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream for dessert. Tea, coffee and still lemon infused water were the beverages (all from us, of course).

And, again, I can say that I’d use the recipe I choose this time next time. Easily!

Here it is: Roast Duck Recipe. It’s from a blog called “Julia’s Album”. So good.

I hope everyone had an at least ok Thanksgiving. Do you plan to get in on the shopping deals now? Maybe eat some leftovers and shop online?

…And you know, while we’re here I also need to clarify that I didn’t stop attending college because I planned to get married. I think the way I wrote my post this morning could have made it sound like that but that’s not quite what happened.

No, I actually just got lost in a combination of feeling constantly exhausted from an undiagnosed thyroid condition (I’ve since been diagnosed and etc.) and falling deeply in love. *laugh*

I finished one more semester of college before I gave birth to my son but after my son was born it became difficult to start classes again (that’s also when my thyroid condition was diagnosed). But I really don’t have many credits left (possibly a bit less than a year), thankfully. My plan is to finish when my kids are a bit older. And, as I’ve said before, I hope to finish graduate school then too.

Some things certainly don’t turn out the way we plan or hope for. At all. I wouldn’t have dreamed of not finishing college in four years or less after high school graduation. I had college credit before I even started my freshmen year. But, as I’ve said (many times) before, I became exhausted from an undiagnosed thyroid condition that just grew worse with time until it was too obvious (to doctors) not to treat. And there were other life obstacles and demoralizing factors as well, but it was mostly just a health issue. I truly couldn’t get to class enough because I just felt so incredibly tired and I fell too far behind too often. And then when I tried to start again I got too distracted and busied by life. And that’s what happened, sadly.

At any rate…it’s nice when things do work out the way we plan. *smile* And, today was a great example of one of those moments! Yay great online chefs with their recipes!

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