Amber Empire (Repost)


(Please note: This was originally posted years ago before I also posted a short story on my blog as well. I will not be reposting the short story.)

Amber Empire (Atkinsons 2015) is a warm, sweet, gooey caramel amber.   Rich vanilla, sandalwood and incense are reminiscent of pipe tobacco.  And after the smoke clears into the late drydown, an oolong tea note mixes with the vanilla and incense to create a beautiful, very vintage inspired, Oriental skin scent.

Notes: sandalwood, incense, myrhh, vanilla and oolong tea.

Nose: Maurice Roucel

Well, this week I’ll finally be posting my story…  I’m sorry about the delay…

I’m also sorry about the state of this blog right now.  I need to make edits and rearrange a few things…

Until Thursday!


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