Narcisse Noir (Repost)

I have recently had the pleasure of trying both the current eau de toilette and the vintage parfum extrait of Caron, Narcisse Noir (Caron 1911).  And, since I forgot to post on Saturday, here’s a combination review for both.


The eau de toilette opens with a mixture of orange flower and narcissus in sharp but genteel assertion, reminiscent of a tart Earl Grey.  At the heart, fruity jasmine blossoms in tandem with a creamy, translucent rose, while a warm but very soapy background quietly sets the stage.

Narcisse Noir in the current edt is breezy, nostalgic, sweet, moving and tremendously pretty.  In fact, the late 19th Century, early 20th Century ideal of femininity, the Gibson Girl, would certainly have worn this…


Now, vintage extrait…  well…  it’s mesmerizing.  It’s smoky, luscious, sexy and overwhelming beautiful.  A wild, totally untamed but very sweet floral bouquet blossoms alongside a clear and refined, yet audaciously romantic vetyver, musk and sandalwood. And yet, it somehow manages to be clean and almost soapy like the current edt in a way very similar to vintage Estee Lauder Private Collection.  It’s basically an old fashioned, genuine and sensuous romance in olfactory form…

I’m smitten by Narcisse Noir.  It’s probably my second favorite fragrance ever to Chanel No. 22.  Even above Shalimar…  And that’s saying something my dears.

Top notes: African orange flower and narcissus.  Middle notes: jasmine, orange and tincture of rose.  Base notes: vetyver, musk and sandalwood.


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  1. Hi Kerrie. I wanted to let you know that some of your posts have been going to a dead “404” link, including the one you sent today (not the one I’m attaching a coment to). The one today–Decadence goes to a dead link. Beth

    1. Thank you, Beth! I’m sorry I’m responding to this helpful comment so late. I’m sorry my website has been having this glitch and thank you for telling me about it! I’ll do my best to fix it… 😬☺️

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