Pinky Pink Pink

The other night my husband and I had a long talk by the fireplace after the kids went to sleep. It was lovely at moments and exhausting at others. Our talks often are that way. *smile*

But I walked away excited by the fact that my husband has decided to forgo making me the ring that’s a replica of my grandmother’s silver and blue glass ring from her adolescence and make me a pink ring instead. Flaming but very feminine pink is my color he thinks.


Gosh, I can’t stand that color in some ways but…I also love it. I love what it was before the late 1950’s. *rolling eyes* Schiaparelli’s Shocking Pink is my cup of tea, folks. That’s the color for me. The sort of pink Ginger Rogers would have worn on her lips and nails while skating with Fred Astair.

Pink sapphire is often that color. Not always though. Pink diamonds that color are lovely but rare. Spinel and Kunzite “work” color-wise but are too soft. Anyway, it’s up to him.

(Here’s a diamond and kunzite ring from Tiffany’s. Isn’t that a pretty pink? Too bad Kunzite has a hardness of only 6.5 to 7.)

So, platinum and pink with an emerald cut. My favorite cut.

The thought of wearing my grandmother’s ring redone was…nice…until I thought about it the other day and realized it’s kind of sad actually. I’d love to have that ring done as a piece of jewelry but not as my main ring.

Anyway, if you were wondering what happened to that ring there’s an update. Things have just taken a different turn.

…I also have no idea where this blog is going other than to discuss perfume, gemstones, recipes and fashion. Perhaps that’s enough. I feel like that isn’t though. I’ll be thinking about it.

But do be happy for me this time dearies. It’s never been a competition for me. Ever. Truly. Or just stop reading this blog. Or go poke your flipping eyes out if you genuinely wish me or my family any genuine harm. There are plenty of other fragrance blogs that don’t choose to discuss the other things I do. But I’m going to share the things in my life that I think are aesthetically pleasing… There’s nothing wrong with that and many of you do the same. I’ve always been happy for all of you. Try to do the same for me?

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